We want to see church communities building a culture of life through a clear, compassionate, and Biblical response to abortion, IVF, cloning, euthanasia, and any act that violates human dignity.

Who We Are

We work with churches to “turn the hearts of fathers to their children and of children to their fathers” through prayer, education, and cultural inititiatives.

What We Do

Asia for Life networks, trains, and advises on “pro-life” projects, to develop a culture of life in churches and societies throughout Asia.

Upcoming Events

There is no easy solution to abortion. However, we offer “Intro to Life” as a one-time event to educate, inspire and pray with your church about the life issues.

Facts and Figures

East Asia

In East Asia, over 50% of women of childbearing age cannot get birth certificates for their child. Most will choose abortion.


Vietnam’s two-child policy has fed the preference for sons, so that they now have one of the world’s highest female abortion rate. Nearly two-thirds of those aborted are girls.


Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator, has hundreds of abortion clinics, but only one pro-life pregnancy resource center.


China has about 1/5 of the world’s population, and about 2/5 of the world’s abortions.

Intro To Life Events

There is no easy solution to the problem of abortion. But we are seeing churches catch the vision of the dignity of the human person, and to respond in a meaningful and Biblical way. We offer “Intro to Life” as a one-time event to educate, inspire and pray with your church about the life issues.

What does it look like?

Here are some examples of pro-life activities in various Asian countries.

Hong Kong

Sex selective abortions

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